Red Rover Mine, Arizona
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Red Rover Mine
Privately owned by the Tozier family.
Obtain permission before going onto mine property.
Often called the Bridal Chamber, was a gold, silver, and copper mine.
Original claims were made in 1883 but it is rumored the mine was discovered in 1822.
Very little is known of the history of the mine and town but it would seem
there were at least a few hundred residents.
The town has changed hands many times in the last thirty years and the mines have even been very sporadically operated.

Red Rover is in the Guinness Book of World Records because the light bulbs in the mine still worked after all these years. There is a complete machine shop with all the tools at a considerable distance (600 ft) down the main mine shaft under 300 foot of water.
The mill has crumbled but the wood removed, but the foundations remain. 
ed Rover Mine

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